We recognise that our business has consequences for people and the environment. It is a key challenge for us to minimise these impacts. At Ardfert Quarry we want to run a successful, sustainable company that makes a positive contribution to people and the environment.

An environmental management system is in place to ensure that we operate to standards above and beyond Industry Best Practice. We seek to exist as a good neighbour in the area and adopt an open communication policy on our environmental performance.

Ardfert Quarry works to:
• Minimise the environmental impact of our activities
• Conserve mineral and energy resources
• Reduce the visual impact of our operations
• Minimise waste generation

As part of the Environmental Management System, regular independent monitoring of noise, vibration, dust and water emissions is undertaken to ensure compliance with planning and legislative requirements.

Irish Concrete Federation Sustainable Quarry Awards 2017

John O’Carroll Ardfert Quarry Products receiving the award for Outstanding Achievement in the areas of Water Management and Community Engagement from Mr Sean Kyne T.D., Minister of State for Natural Resources.